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A smooth R&B jam, falling somewhere between modern and classic.


Just Jonez recently released “Billie Jean,” a fantastic new R&B single with a velvet-smooth tone and a passionate vocal performance to match the sheer beauty of this production. Although the track is quite polished, it is never overproduced, allowing a lot of wonderfully organic and “human” elements to really add liveliness to the mix.


Hailing from Philadelphia, USA, Just Jonez is a band with a really special approach to their blend of R&B music. On one hand, their style feels classic and timeless, while on the other hand, they also tip the hat off to excellent modern pioneers. In terms of comparison, great names such as D’Angelo and R Kelly come to mind, as well as contemporary greats like The Weeknd or Frank Ocean, only to mention a few. Recently, Just Jonez released an exciting new single titled “Billie Jean.”

This amazing rendition is a homage to the one and only Michael Jackson, who wrote and performed the song’s original version. This rendition, however, is not just a verbatim cover, but a whole new rendition with its own personality! The version was actually created as early as 2007, and the artists would perform it around Hollywood, hoping to sing it for the King of Pop himself! They never got the chance as it happened, but they still managed to release the song and reach many fans!

On the song, lead vocals are provided by Mete Jones (who sings the first verse), as well as his twin brother, Blue Jones (second verse), and Dahliam (from Los Angeles, California, singing towards the end of the song)…

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